Baby’s First Exam

We provide a comprehensive no cost vision assessment for infants under twelve months of age regardless of a family’s income or access to insurance. 

A comprehensive vision and eye health assessment is recommended for this age group to complement the pediatric vision screening during well-baby visits. We will thoroughly evaluate your infants’ eyes to determine any risk for vision disorders, eye alignment, visual perception and overall eye health. Early detection is essential for providing the best outcome for your child.

A brief note on your Infant's Vision:

Your baby is born with healthy eyes and has the potential to develop good vision. He will spend a lifetime to see and learn. But your baby has to learn to see and there are many things you can do to help your baby's vision develop. This is a brochure written by Dr. Paul Harris on early child development in the first year of life. Read Here

9 months is a good time to bring your baby in for an evaluation. Things that we will test for include excessive or unequal amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, lack of eye movement ability, visual acuity, peripheral vision, eye alignment, and other eye health problems. These eye problems are not common, but it is important to identify them at an early stage. Once we identify them, we can make positive changes to help guide your child's vision development.

For more information, visit or call our office at 480-963-8833.

Our Success Stories

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Vision therapy has helped me in many ways. I used to have trouble reading, now I can read chapter books. I used to trip a lot but now I don't. I didn't use to like P.E at school but now I think…

When i started vision therapy, I had a hard time seeing letters because I lost my place and I saw double or blurry sometimes. Now after vision therapy I can read better because words aren't…