Health Care Providers and Teachers

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to helping our patients reach their goals and potential. We work closely with teachers and health professionals around the area.

Some of the professionals we work with include teachers, occupational therapists, neurologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, child psychologists, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, optometrists, and ophthalmologists.

Below you will find some resources that will help you identify a child/patient who has a vision problem and how to find an optometrist nearby that can address the issue.

Observable Signs of a Vision Problem

Educator's Checklist of Classroom Vision Problems

Referral Form for Optometrists and other Health Care Providers

Our Success Stories

I am so grateful for Vision Therapy. My son, Gage was losing vision in one eye. He couldn't see 3D and often saw double. His hand-eye co-ordination needed work. He would get so frustrated with…

Vision therapy has helped me in many ways. I used to have trouble reading, now I can read chapter books. I used to trip a lot but now I don't. I didn't use to like P.E at school but now I think…

When i started vision therapy, I had a hard time seeing letters because I lost my place and I saw double or blurry sometimes. Now after vision therapy I can read better because words aren't…