Acquired Brain Injury/Post Stroke

Acquired Brain Injury/Post Stroke

It is a tough situation to be in whether you are the patient or the patient's loved ones. A person can acquire brain injuries at any age. Children and teens get into falls and concussions during play and sports. Many car accidents including minor rear ending can cause long term physical and vision problems. Other types of acquired brain injuries include post stroke and post brain surgeries. An acquired (traumatic) brain injury, let it be a minor or serious one, can lead to dramatic changes in a person's vision

Some of the symptoms following an ABI include double vision, dizziness, light sensitivity, loss of balance, decrease in peripheral vision, visual blur, disorientation, reading problems, poor tracking and focusing, and headaches. Many times these symptoms are ignored by the neurologist and other doctors because there does not seem to be a direct cause for the symptoms. The problems may be acknowledged, but little to no solution is offered. The doctor will tell the patient to just wait and things will get better. Often they do not get better without the appropriate treatment.

Many times the glasses that the patient previously has worn can make visual problems worse. Therapeutic spectacles can often help with these symptoms as well as help the patient reacquire the visual skills injured by the ABI. With appropriate lenses, prisms and vision therapy, many of the symptoms can be alleviated and the patient can return back to work and school successfully.

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