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Over the years, Family Optometry has grown into a dedicated team of professionals.  Our doctors see patients of all ages including babies, children, adults, geriatrics and patients that might need therapy.  They practice with the same philosophy of care and take pride in being mentors for optometric interns and… Read More
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Hours and Location Hours and Location

Family Optometry
2950 N Dobson Rd #11
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 963-8833
FAX: (480) 963-3766

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8-5:30pm
Mon and Thurs…
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Why we are different Why we are different

We are a primary care optometry practice and we see everyone seeking vision care. We specialize in providing thorough vision evaluations, which are quite different from a regular eye exam you've had before. The evaluation we provide is important especially for children, children with special needs, and those that suffer from stroke or brain injury.… Read More

Our Success Stories

I am so grateful for Vision Therapy. My son, Gage was losing vision in one eye. He couldn't see 3D and often saw double. His hand-eye co-ordination needed work. He would get so frustrated with…

Vision therapy has helped me in many ways. I used to have trouble reading, now I can read chapter books. I used to trip a lot but now I don't. I didn't use to like P.E at school but now I think…

When i started vision therapy, I had a hard time seeing letters because I lost my place and I saw double or blurry sometimes. Now after vision therapy I can read better because words aren't…